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a bad habit on an eternal scale
pluto, charon

Way back in 2014 (about five posts ago on this community) I colored in a sketch that Zarla did of lonesurvivor!Smoker because I needed something to practice on. Fastforward to now... same situation really lol. I got reminded of these characters and revisited, and found that practice thing, and I happen to have just gotten a new tablet I need to practice with and well

lonesurvivor smoker flat

lonesurvivor smoker fire

(I think its easier to practice things like that on a sketch someone else did–it makes it easier to tell what is going wrong with my own lines and colors rather than leaving me to wonder whether I loused up with that or just the pose in general.)

Haven't interacted much with this story in a long time, but damn I still think about it all the time. I was a freshman in highschool when it started and I get to come back to it now as a genuine adult and its just wild how much time has passed. This thing was so formative, haha.

[It's been forever but I hope you all are doing fine. Thanks for the good times–there weren't a lot back then.]

A very quick fic. Wrote it on the phone. An army of survivors are psychopaths and find it hard.
I'm not heading back. So just watch the path.
Christ david, you can't even imagine going home.
Watch the path.
Just Watch the path. Alright.

The rifles shuddered against them as they would match in the blurs of men and woman on their path. The sky would ache grey rain and the snowy mud raised onto boots rising or falling. Each of them were ants and they scurried on two legs and polluted the snow with rags of breath and footprints that could sink knees. Watch them twitch and itch as if hands could stiffen onto rifles and hunt the enemy in the trees.

The woman called david would sythe the legs from her hips through the blue coldness of it. The pair of them cut through the snow as riots of hair lay under the helmet she wore. And below that she wore frowns and below that her face would be loud and grieving.

I know you don't want to go back. I knew since the ash-ford incident. Sherry is never going to see you Dave. She's never going to see you. You can't even imagine it anymore.
Watch the path.
I'm watching the path david. I'm watching it. We've always been watching it.

The speaker had torn grey iron on his scalp. It hung in short strands and a strange stillness was present in them. One hand was left at the strap of his rifle and the other was left at the stem of his service pistol, his fingers splayed Across the hatched surface patiently. And his queer stillness didn't leave his walk for he walked as if following game to kill and his body would be ready to raise itself and smite the game he followed. Compared to david he was taller and older and like others in their battalion he had jawbones and teeth from the infected he killed and placed upon his shoulders or would be hung across the neck of him.

This isn't like the first days David. Or the days when we left for the expedition. It's the damned days. Each day more damned than the last because the ash wasn't wood or paper or petrol.
What was the ash Phil.

Contrary to popular belief she is not weary when the words come from her. There is an energy in her voice when these words would spill from her. her stare would be across her side and tumbled into Phil.
You know the ash was skin and eyes and those other things with Latin names that constitute unarmed uninvolved people.
We did it Phil. We did it and now we've reached the south of that place. That kind of past is receding now Phil, there is less and less of infected in the plains and the world is moving. You're going to forget it. It's receding and drifting away from us.
We're here

All at once each one of the armed people's slowed their pace and let those behind stack into them while the rags of their breath collected and formed heavy rising wisps. The armour to the front and left of the column would Whisper with their engines as they slowed to the town. Hungry for the promise of the town some of them would laugh or weep quietly, while others would not leave that place that holds soldiers and would stand with their anger pointing to it.

The army surges into a town far south of Ashfield, and each soldier would trample spring snow into the black Tarmac. The armour would drift in first with skulls plated on the back of it and their tracked treads churning itself across the road. Their guns are matted into blackness but it shines on the snow and each operator stands from inside the hatch with binoculars on their hips and notches of kills wrote in spitter acid.

Afterwards the horses and after that the infantry. The Amy compresses itself into those spaces as the town swallowed them.


They call you david
Yes. They call me david
Because I killed Goliath
Yes I killed a tank and I'm a Jew so they called me david
Unorthodox name for a woman
That's the other reason they like it
I bet they do. What was your real name

The administrator sits with his face cleaned and open. His eyes were reddened and exposed awkwardly. The stench of suicide and doubt hangs on him.

What is your name ma'am
I took the oath
Ah. You choose to forget your name.
The same as half the army here.
It's for the better isn't it david
Yes , it's for the better isn't it. It's all for the better. I bet we feel better
Is there a problem David
No there is no problem

The administrator's chalky fingers and powdery breath. It would load and collapse feebly with each of the questions that slid off from his check list to the mouth. Paper forms would be bought before her and when she gave the right answers he stamped them with ink and folded them into envelopes stacked into cabinets. afterwards he would place his left hand on his breast as if his heart could leak out between his ribcage. In front of him a thousand soldiers formed a line toward his desk and each of them as fell and fierce as the woman he processed.

Your clear to pass enjoy your stay in grainsville.
You mean cure-town
I mean grainsville sergeant. It's this place's official name.
Alright, alright.
Enjoy your stay ma'am.

She reached the clearing behind the building while birds of vast sizes wheeled above in swathes of screeching. Then above the birds the sky would be a blindness in white and wind and vapour trails. Then above the sky planes flew in a endless ring in heaven.

She would move through the crowd and align herself to Phil. He was toying with the mandibles of a witch, his palm teasing the dried blood from the bleached stretch of bone. It was twisted in twine, with him calling it the lucky one since he killed the witch with a shard through its eye. Long ago he laughs and jokes of this.

Birds are big here David
Because their fat.
Oh yes. Their All fat here
What are you getting at
Their all fat here. I've got something to show you david.

He folds himself upwards into a walk. Briskly he gestures to david and she follows dourly. The lucky one hangs on twine to knock back against the the jacket and beads of teeth form a necklace which slopes forward from the neck.

So if your not going back. If you're not going back you can stay here with the garrison. It rotates every six months. But good work here as a freelancer. More loot. No one telling to not shoot things. We need no telling
You're right, you're right.
Alright we're here

A figure was hunched in snow and arms came out under it to grab handfuls of white. Around the figure five from the army held rifles and clubs and would lift the heavy ends of what they held and bring it down till the figure would weep. The five of them lifts it from the ground and have its arms held high while the rest of it droops and heaves. The figure held breathes lightly while the pain clings to it.
The five beaters
glare at david and Phil while david brings her fist balled, then runs five paces, then brings the fist to what the five held. And the punch was fell enough to bring a choking gasp from the figure so the soldiers laugh.

She stands smiling and the soldiers join here till they stare at what they hold in the centre of them. The figure wears a hoody with bandages across its eyes and Phil drags his hands down it, he feels breasts and brings a knee to her ribs while the laughter empties from his lungs.

A hunter. Oh a hunter. A hunter. A lady hunter. We used to call you lovers. You'd have to get close to them you see. You get close and take their ears with something. Do you want to see. Do you want me to take care of an ear.

Hunter chews on the blood in her mouth. The redness leaks as she finds words to call them. She calls them what they are and they laugh. One of the soldiers holding her brings their head high till it escapes the caged jacket they wore. His face is dour and when he laughs they are more bad impersonations of laughter. The veteran's scars vary from burns to stabs to gauges on the the pink from his neck to the collar. His mouth opens.

Is that what we are. You think that's what we are. We ain't no walking sickness. We are not fuckers. We're death. You can call us that because we killed all the hunters in the fires of Montreal. We found you with bullets and when you scattered we found you with bayonets and when you found us when we were sleeping we found you with our hands. And we took all of you in piles, dead, alive, dying we took you all in piles and laid you out on those streets like rituals. We took the fire to whole buildings and threw all of you in. See that's the joy of it because the soldiers who are masterful can take you alive. And when we did we chanted till the hill rung with your burning and our voices. Can you see it. The red over hills and the rising voices. Sometimes we drank and we would dance like Indians while we took your cooked bones and made vests from them. Some of the men and women would take you in dark places. You'd like that. You'd like us to take you to the dark. Come on.

In a silence that was worse than the laughter David took out her knife and the silent soldiers held hunter like a ritual. I'm a prayer thought david. I'm a prayer and this blood will be the icon of it and death would be the God of all things. And the bones and the ears and the teeth will be what God gives me.

A woman would raise her voice. She's 40 feet from them and held a book to her chest to hide herself behind it.

I'm sorry to bother you but I need to take her off your hands. My goodness what did you do to these soldiers hunter for them to this.

The woman has brown hair and plain dress around her limbs. Her face would be framed around the glasses perched to her face. An ingenue from the old days. Her voice fragments and squeaks. Like a mouse.

I'm with the civil administration.
The civil administration.

The ritual is released and hunter falls from their arms. The knife is lifted and held by David's scabbard. The collective of soldiers look to another then another. They hold the rifles tighter and frown.

Civil administration
Yes civil administration. We've been keeping the peace.
Keeping the peace.
Yeah. Yes that's what we do. Keep the peace.
Keeping the peace.
Yup that's us. Keeping the peace. We all do it ha. We keep the laws up to date on at least a state level. Can't be doing anything illegal. You know.
State. The state. Illegal. Things are illegal again.
Well we're leaving now. Keep up the good work. Ha. Okay. Goodbye now. Bye.

Hunter and mousy take steps from the crowd and only feel stares. The space widens into a distance that lessens the soldiers eyes. The soldiers would stand still and depleted with the hands off rifles and hanging to sides. The human flesh and bones they wore became unexplored landscapes their fingers tried to find a way out of. They mutter the words peace and law and illegal. If there was anything to remember with those words they had forgotten it. Home. Home is the crucial part and its missing. The words are strangers and it stays with them while mousy and hunter pale and stretch across the snow and to their eyes would be eaten by the whiteness.

Hunter and mousy look back and the soldiers are lost.

"Now we have NEW memories! Horrible, horrible memories..."
Juan/Sha smooch
Fic time!  Well....the first four chapters of a fic. But a fic nonetheless.  I meant to finish it all the way before posting, but at this point, I'm afraid if I don't start posting it, it'll be stuck in editing hell forever.

I'm going to do something different here, and post this whole thing straight to my AO3, because this is absolutely already way too long for a single LJ post.  So I"m just going to post the link and the summary here.

ANYWAY, please read, and give me feedback if you'd like! (I would love it if you did. It's the only way I will learn.)

Story: STOMP!
Fandom: L4D, Respect a Woman AU, Cured setting


14399 words and counting
Characters: Juan Rivera, Sha, Jockey, Hunter (so far)
Pairings:Hunter/Smoker, Juan/Sha (future. Maybe.)
Warnings: Swearing, violance, self harm and generally unhealthy behavior...none of this is particularly graphic, I think, but it is worth mentioning.
I make a note on the most worrisome chapter.

One of Juan's music buddies is putting on a performance in the Curetown square, and Juan decides to drag Sha out to watch her. (It was totally for his own good. Totally. Guy needs to get out more.)
Really...when you put a cured witch, who can very easily be forced into a dangerous relapse state by the mere presence of even vaguely threatening survivors, into close proximity with a lot of survivors, who do not feel at all comfortable around said witch...what could possibly go wrong? about everything?

Link to AO3 entry

Still kickin'!
Leon Scott Kennedy

Work was slow yesterday so I decided to draw (and even color!) The Ladies. And Warlock. I have not colored something traditionally in ages. But doggone it I had fun.

~Ghost updates!
I thought since it's been a while since the original post about them, I should make a new one! Just to help keep track of updates and keep them all in one place. So tadah, ghost/ukagaka entry!

Same basic intro for ghosts as before and page I made about it, it's a simple program that lets characters sit on your desktop and talk to each other/you. It should be safe and you can just delete the folder if you get tired of them, and they'll work on Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10 as well as Macs sort of but that gets complicated. They're still a work in progress so I add and remove things from them when it comes to me. Long story short, either download this zip, unzip it somewhere, and run SSP, or if you already HAVE SSP, drag and drop this balloon zip and then this nar file on your current ghost and they should install.

Random User Notes -

Double clicking their bodies opens their individual menus. Right clicking them will open up SSP's menu. You should immediately see the difference. Only Smoker's SSP menu actually has stuff you can do, but both their individual menus have stuff in them. Double clicking their faces will hit them though, so be careful. If you hit them, you can apologize by going into their individual menu, going to (Character I)... and saying you apologize.

In Hunter's menu you'll notice an option called Test Variable. I use that to test things while I'm working on them and such, but it can also be of use to you! Right now, hitting the test variable will unlock all the items and boost your relationship with the three of them up by twenty, so if you really botched up with them, you can fix your relationship with that.
You can unlock the brush through the quest in Hunter's menu, the eggplant by putting in "eggplant wizard go home" into Smoker's input command function, and the hypno pendulum by waiting for one of them to fall asleep late at night and trigger sleep dialogue. Or you can just use the test variable to unlock them all.

You call Charger with the walkie-talkie in Smoker's item menu. It should unlock if Charger appears on her own, and there are two times she might show up - clicking her entry in the anchor book, and sometimes randomly if Smoker wonders where she is. If you aren't that patient you can use the test variable to unlock it for now though, or you can type in HELP ME CHARGERRRR in Smoker's "type in commands" link in her menu to unlock it.

Alright, update time! You can update through Hunter's menu, Smoker's right click menu, or by hitting Ctrl-U after clicking on them.

6-30 - Out of nowhere, I'm back! And again more back-end stuff, mostly.

-Added a check for a certain name.

-Split the aitalk file into two separate files for dialogue with and without Charger, since that file was ENORMOUS and it took ages to find stuff. Half of their dialogue involves Charger! I didn't know I'd written that much for her, haha.

-Split off items and general config dialogue into their own files as well to try and make their menu file a bit smaller too.

-Fixed a minor spacing issue with their update dialogue.

2-9 - [Spoiler (click to open)]An update after all this time and it's just back-end stuff!

-They now have a warning check if you’re going to punch them like Gaster does, since that was a big problem for a lot of people, haha.

-They also have the new streamlined update process that Gaster does, though you’ll only see it the next time they update. It doesn’t have the fancy ascii box though since I didn’t want to deal with character counting for them.

-Most of this update is dealing with their shell. You might have noticed when you ran them that SSP would warn you that there were Errors or Bugs (for some people anyway). Their surfaces file is enormous since it took me a while to find out the more condensed method for surface coding I use now, so tackling it seemed really daunting. But I finally did sit down and do it though, it was very tedious and boring and took a long time. But it is done! And it’s better that I did do it anyway - I assumed the bugs were just minor code formatting hiccups, but there were actually several fairly large errors in there that I’m surprised I didn’t notice before (and I’m surprised that they didn’t impact their functioning at all).

Anyway, the basic jist now is that Hunter and Smoker should be bug and error free! So running them now should be a nice clean job. But if you notice any odd poses or anything, let me know.

3-20 - [Spoiler (click to open)]WOOPS it's been a long time. Well this isn't a huge update, but it still has around 30 files to it, so it might take you five minutes or so to pick up. It shouldn't take very long.

-They should now have tooltips whenever you hover over their hotspots. Maybe this'll help people not hit them by accident?

-I cleaned out the mojibake from their shiori3 file, so that should be a lot neater. I left some broken code in there though from my attempts at wordwrapping, just ignore that.

-All the people in the anchorbook should have little portraits now! Ray used to be the only one, but I finally just sat down and did them all. So now when you click a person in the anchorbook you should see a picture! It'll probably look a bit odd in the balloon as it scrolls but I can't really control that.

-If you open them between midnight and 5 am there's a 5% chance you might get a surprise. hehehehe.

-I slightly tweaked the name responses so if you try to name yourself any of the names in the anchorbooks, it'll tell you to try it in upper or lower or alternating case, because an anchor name will only cause problems when it's properly capitalized. So if your name was Jordan and you wanted to use that name, you couldn't use "Jordan" but you COULD just "jordan" "JORDAN" "JOrdan" or any other variant, technically. So maybe that'll be a bit of help to anyone who has an anchorbook name. I can't really think of any other solution.

-A few new additions to existing envelopes, nothing huge though.

-Their nar and balloon zip should be up to date, I haven't done the though, so if you pick that up you may have to tell them to update to get the new things.

5-21 - [Spoiler (click to open)]I dunno if I can call this one simple BUT STILL ugh I've been neglecting them. This update is around 80 files or so and will probably take like 5-10 minutes by my estimate.

-Added new poses for your birthday! So if you open them on your birthday they'll have a new speech for you and wear party hats. |D This will also unlock a new item...

-The piece of cake! It's infinite so don't worry. You can give it to them and they will be happy, haha. Especially Hunter. As it is I was able to set up one secondary conversation with the cake, but without setting up an entirely new pool of dialogue for it like with other modes, that's about as far as I can go I think. That seems like a lot of work for maybe four to eight bits of dialogue, so eh, for now that's what's going on. I may adjust this later if I get annoyed.

To get the cake icon to show up in the item menu, you'll have to hit Smoker's reset items/everything or Hunter's test variable. Basically like with most new items, the value doesn't exist until it gets defined as either on/off, so you've got to do one or the other to get it to show up, then it should behave properly (Smoker turns it off, Hunter turns it on). You can also use Hunter's test variable to get the cake if it's not your birthday, haha. Anyway, if you just picked them up that shouldn't be necessary since the variable will be initially defined with the others on FirstBoot or the like.

-Putting "happy birthday" into Smoker's parser will not get you the cake, but you will get a little message. |D

-I very minorly tweaked Smoker's config menu, just a tiny thing.

-Added a single new solo convo for the two of them WOO.

-I would've had this done sooner if I hadn't run into a problem where none of the variables were retaining their values, like I'd change my birthday or my pronouns or whatever and reload them and it'd go back to what it was before. I kept trying to track down this bug to no avail for like hours until finally I figured out it was the aya5_variable file in the /ghost folder, I think it somehow got read protected or something or wasn't retaining information right, something something. Anyway deleting it and having SSP make a new variable file on reload fixed the problem, so! I hope to god this was just a local problem on my end and not everyone's problem because uuuuuuuuugh.

-The .nar and should be up to date now with all the new stuff.

12-31 - [Spoiler (click to open)]A fairly simple one this time!

-Added a whole ton of new convos with Charger about books, movies, monsters, that kind of thing. It like almost doubles her convo pool I think, she should have a lot of new things to say now.

-Charger has new dialogue depending on her feelings for you - negative things when her feelings are zero or lower, and more positive things when her feelings are above 45. In particular, when her feelings are high, she may open up about David and talk about him a little.

-Added some dialogue related to how long they've been open, so Hunter and Smoker will comment when you've had them open for three hours or for over five hours, respectively.

-Redrew an old pose of Hunter's I didn't like very much but I still don't really like it, but I don't want to get stuck in the vortex of endlessly redrawing the same art, so I'm going to try and let it go. I also tweaked Hunter's eyes in one pose and added a new arm pose for Charger, all in all not a lot of new files, but still around like 28, not counting the dialogue. It shouldn't take you very long to download them all this time though.

12-17 - [Spoiler (click to open)]Big ol honking update time! I'm not being flippant, there are at least 524 files, so be prepared to wait a while while they download. If you're impatient, you can instead download the hunter_smoker.nar above and reinstall them with that by deleting the hunter_smoker folder within /SSP/ghost, running SSP and switching to another ghost, and then dragging the .nar onto that ghost to reinstall them (or you may be able to just unzip the .nar with a program like 7zip). Either way, the .nar file should be up to date. You will lose your progress with them though if you do that, so be warned.

I noticed while testing the update that it took a very long time for them to confirm there were new files, to the point where you may think they've frozen. It just takes them a while, I think, or my connection sucks, either way. There's also a long pause at the end after they've downloaded all the files. Just be patient!

Anyway, actual content!

-Hunter, Smoker, and Charger all have a handful of new poses. I think Smoker and Charger both have two, while Hunter has three although one's a static image so that one's really simple. This may not sound like a lot, but I designed these poses to be extremely flexible for a variety of situations, so you will probably be seeing them a LOT. The image files for these is what's going to take up most of your update time. Poor Charger in particular desperately needed new poses, since she only had the one really before for chatting, so this has been a while coming.
As a sidenote, most of the new poses are fairly complicated with interchangable arms and the like, but Smoker's in particular were very tricky because of her cigarette since it breaks her silhouette, and things that break the silhouette usually need to use the interval tag replace, which doesn't play well with others, like layered arms. In the end I used some creative overlay tricks and careful setup with the talk interval to get her mouth/cigarette movement to work, even when she has her hand over her mouth. If you don't know anything about surfaces.txt coding it probably looks like it was really easy to set-up but trust me it was very tricky. Looks good though!

-I went through almost all their .dic files to rewrite dialogue to include the new poses. You'll probably see this the most obviously with conversations involving Charger, almost all of hers have been adjusted to include them. Even though she technically only has two new poses, her new range of motion and expressions that come with them really help her feel a lot more vibrant and alive I think. As a result though, because Charger isn't technically a hardwired character like Smoker and Hunter, she won't go back to her default pose when a conversation is over like they do. So Charger may be stuck in an odd pose until the next convo triggers. If you want to return her to default, you can just double click her to open her menu and cancel out of it. Or you can just leave her that way if it amuses you.

-I also went and rewrote dialogue with Smoker and Hunter to include the new poses, mostly with Smoker. A few conversations that always might have seemed unfinished (the charlie horse one comes to mind) should be more complete now. I also caught and fixed several typos and such in the process of this, and rephrased a few things just slightly. Mostly though, it's new poses, so even if you've had them for a while, some of their older convos may look a little fresh again.

-I actually went through all the .dic files as mentioned, so you may see these new poses while doing other functions, fiddling with menus, doing other things, you name it. It was a pretty big overhaul that took a lot of time, but it was a good thing to do since I hadn't touched a lot of the older scripting in a long time and some of it needed some updating. Things should mostly be in place now though, I shouldn't need to fiddle with it too much for a while.

-I did a very minor tweak for the menu when they ask if you want them to fix your clock, it's very small but it was bugging me (how when you moused over the options the underline went all the way across the balloon). I may go and tweak the template to have the same change in the future but eh.

-I finally caught a typo that always caused the RSS feeds to start with Hunter instead of Smoker and display the wrong number. THIS DROVE ME CRAZY FOR AGES AND I THOUGHT MAYBE I MISSED A FUNCTION BUT NO I JUST MADE A TYPO, THAT'S ALL I NEEDED TO DO TO FIX IT, RRGH. Well anyway RSS feeds and Headlines should now both behave themselves.

-Their OnFirstBoot dialogue's been adjusted and rewritten a little. While doing this I actually triggered that conversation during a normal reboot, which was very strange since you should only see OnFirstBoot once when you run them for the first time, then never again. I couldn't get it to happen again, but if it happens to you, let me know. I'm very puzzled by how it re-triggered. It might have been the computer I was on, but it was odd how it happened in the middle of all my editing. Eh, shrug.

-I added in an hour check, so now if you have them open for more than 60 minutes, it'll roll over into an hour and the minutes will start up again. This was actually pretty easy to do, surprisingly. You can see it most easily at the bottom of Hunter's menu.
I actually came up with a way that I THINK will keep track of the last day you opened them and how long it's been since you last ran them, but then when I thought about it, I couldn't really think of much to do with that function, so I just shrugged and moved on. Maybe something will occur to me later and I'll actually put it in.

-Related, now for every hour you have them open, their relationship with you will go up a point, since it means you like spending time with them, right? Similarly, if you have Charger on the screen, her relationship with you will also go up a point when the hour rolls over. Charger's will only go up if she's there though, it won't go up if she's not actually present.

-I added a bunch more lists of goofy things in hs_word.dic but I haven't formatted all the dialogue that uses it yet, it's sitting in skeleton form in the files right now while I was brainstorming. But in the future you'll be seeing them quite a bit I'm sure.

-There's a shorter alt intro for Smoker's parser thing, and I also added a few shorter intros for when she asks for your name when you change it.

-Smoker and Hunter now have some new little convos when your relationship with them is above 35 and above 50 I think.

11-26 - [Spoiler (click to open)]Sidetracked with the ghost template, but now that that's out of the way...

-Found a bug where if you put in your birthday as today in the config menu, they wouldn't actually do their birthday related dialogue, and also their boot message for your birthday wouldn't work! I fixed this though, so now if you boot them on your birthday they should have a message for you, and if you put in your birthday on your birthday they'll comment on it.

-Added a bunch of new convos for Hunter and Smoker by themselves relating to books. :B

-I noticed that if you dropped a png on them they'd say they'd set it as your desktop bg but actually wouldn't be able to do it, so now if you drop a png on them they won't give you that option.

-Caught a very small bug for when you uninstall another ghost and switch back to them. There was something else along these lines I'm sure I fixed but for the life of me I can't remember it right now.

11-11 - [Spoiler (click to open)]This one got kind of big, haha. Although to be fair, a lot of the groundwork for it was done a long time ago.

-I felt like I'd been neglecting their pools of random dialogue, so I went in an added some new stuff that opened up a whole boatload of conversation ideas, so they now have a whole bunch of new dialogue with and without Charger, so hopefully that'll keep you amused, haha. A lot of it is randomized as well, so it'll be different each time you get it. Sometimes it'll add up well and sometimes it won't, but I just roll with it and it's fun anyway.

-The first quest is finally done! You can find the Quest! option in Hunter's menu. There's only one right now, The Royal Hairbrush, and it's a goofy choose your own adventure type story. It's not super hard as there are a lot of ways to win, but I didn't really intend for it to be challenging. Mostly I'm hoping people will enjoy the ride. :B There are also ways to die of course. I got pretty goofy writing a lot of the text for it so hopefully you will enjoy it, haha. It has a very adventure game type feel to me. If you beat the quest, you can unlock the brush! If you haven't already done so via the test variable.

-I think I finally pinned down that long-running bug with the where's charger dialogue chain, and it turns out I missed a = sign. UGH. Well, anyway, that chain should work properly now! I also raised the chance that Charger will appear from 10 to 15 for that chain, and if you call Charger in the middle of it, the chain should finish properly. If she does appear, it unlocks the walkie talkie! If you don't have it already.

-I also made it so you can put in HELP ME CHARGERRRR into Smoker's input box to unlock the walkie talkie if you're lazy, haha. It has to be in all caps like that (the only one in all caps so far) and it should work up to four Rs on CHARGER.

11-10 - [Spoiler (click to open)]Not a super huge update, but still!

-Fixed a hole some people had pointed out involving chained conversations and the different modes. If you switched into a different mode in the middle of a conversation chain, the chain would finish before the mode would take effect. This meant if you were in creepymode, you could get knocked out of it for a second by them finishing the chain. Anyway, now if you start a chain and turn on a mode, they'll go into the mode dialogue properly, then go back to their chain when you return them to normal.

-Minor cleanup on some .dic files, nothing super huge there.

-I added astrological signs to the config menu! So now they'll tell you what your Zodiac sign is, haha. I'm planning on doing some conversations related to this later, but for now it's just in the menu.

-I'm pretty sure I added some more creepy bits of dialogue to the creepy mode but I'm not sure, haha.

-Oh yeah, I forget if I mentioned this before, but I reshuffled and reorganized the menu for prefixes/suffixes, so it should be a bit more compact.

-I finished all the month conversations! With and without Charger, haha. Some of them have specific day checks, like after Christmas or the day before Halloween, I didn't intensely check to make sure they work but eh, I can always do that later.

11-4 - [Spoiler (click to open)]There's a new item in Smoker's menu! Like with other new items, you'll have to define the value at first to get it to appear, which you can do by resetting all the items to zero via Smoker's rest option, or hitting Hunter's test variable to unlock them all. You can also input "eggplant wizard go home" into Smoker's text box to unlock it. It's a cursed eggplant, inspired by my recent struggles with Kid Icarus, haha. Anyway, you can throw it at them and turn them into eggplants! Hunter will be v unhappy about it, hehe. Anyway, they don't have a ton of convos about it, but they should have a fair amount with and without Charger, so hopefully they will amuse you a bit. Throwing the tiny eggplant will probably look pretty weird at first, I'm interested in what it looks like on you guys' computers, haha. Depending on where they are on your screen, the eggplant will start and stop at a different place, and if you move them, it'll do the same thing. Otherwise it may just start on their heads.

-Double-clicking them when they are eggplant cursed should bring up a DW-esque menu asking to undo the curse in a text box that looks the same as when you're in a Rabite battle. At one point I DID have trouble getting the textbox to appear for some reason, but hopefully it'll appear for you. Otherwise, if it doesn't show up, you can break the curse by reloading them, switching to another ghost, or using some of the in-ghost functions like fixing your clock, checking your mail, checking for updates, checking your rss feeds... stuff you do with the right click SSP menu, basically. It's easier to break the eggplant curse than get out of creepymode.

-I only just noticed the other day that I forgot to include an install.txt file with my balloon so if you drag and dropped it on a ghost like I've been telling you to do for ages it wouldn't actually work right because I'm an idiot. WELL since no one mentioned it to me up to to this point, I assume most people are just downloading the full version and aren't bothering with the individual nar/zip files, but either way, it should be working now. I also cleared out the psd files from it, cutting its size in half. Adoyyy.

-They now have convos for September and November with Charger! I was going to push through to December and do them for them without her but I got tired, I'll probably do those later. I really wish I'd better organized surfaces.txt, just finding the right poses I want to use for a bit of dialogue takes forever. Eh, hindsight.

-I revamped the SSP menu colors and border, you should notice immediately when you right-click on them.

11-2 - [Spoiler (click to open)]This is primarily the creepy Halloween update, which I posted about on Halloween. This new mode triggers when you input three phrases into Smoker's input box, available under "Type in Commands" in her menu. The three phrases are "i accept" "i release you" and "i will not go back" in all lowercase for the moment. When they go into the mode, they will not go out until you reload/restart them, so be careful! Most of their other functions will also be unavailable. I tried to plug every hole there was for them going back to normal, but it's possible I missed some, so let me know if you find one, alright?

-There are more prefixes/suffixes available for name changing and such, if you're into those. I might take some out, there may be too many right now. If there are any you're particularly attached to you better let me know, haha. Or if there are some you'd like to see included.

-Someone pointed out that if you name yourself one of the anchor book names like Ray or Jordan or David or something, it busts a bunch of menus and also makes it impossible for you to change your name again since it breaks that menu option, oops. SO I rearranged Smoker's config menu so that no matter what now you should be able to change any value you put in (although it's a tight fit when your name is long), and I also blocked off anchor names from being an option, although I might take that out since it's not really a perfect fix, and it feels weird to be like NO RAY YOU CAN'T PUT IN YOUR NAME BECAUSE THIS IS PROGRAMMED WEIRDLY ABOUT IT so eh I may take that out, if people with those names don't mind having their name underlined everytime it shows up.

-I also noticed in the process of testing this that when you put in your birthday, sometimes Smoker would add the wrong suffix to the number, like the 31th or 22th or things like that. So I went in and fixed that, so no matter what day you do now, she should do the right -st -nd or -th ending. ENGLISH

Oh, if you run into a bug, feel free to leave a comment here about it! I'll see if I can get it fixed!

I borrowed your thing but look I brought it back
pluto, charon

oops not my lineart

So I've been trying to learn how to color scans digitally and I needed something to practice on, so I borrowed some lone-survivor Smoker action from one of Zarla's sketchposts. I can't do patterns yet, hence her shirt. Hell, I can't even really do 'inside the lines' yet. BUT I FINALLY FIGURED OUT THE LAYERS I THINK, SO THAT WAS NICE.

Clearly I did not draw this, I just stole borrowed it and colored it in.

Pigeons...or sparrows maybe...
Zarla, Klavier Gavin, Juan Corrida, Frozen AU
Hey guess what I wrote another silly fic
(and there is another one I posted before this one that doesn't really feature the ladies soo I left it off the comm)

Oh, also, I made some little pixel ladies with this thing here

Oh well, will try again later

(no subject)
Zarla, Klavier Gavin, Juan Corrida, Frozen AU

In the first one have the QR codes for Smoker and Charger outfits for Animal Crossing.  (in the second half of the post, sorry.)

The second one, the QR codes for Jockey and Hunter outfits. (the first half of the post this time!)

And finally, a giant sketch dump post of dubious quality that contains dangerously high levels of Juan and Sha. I apologize for that in advance.

Zombie Science
pluto, charon

I got ridiculously excited about this one, which I wrote out as a counterpoint to the various theories that green flu was created as a bioweapon. Road to hell, good intentions and wot.

THEORY: Green Flu is a viral vector and the pandemic spread from a clinical trial that used it for gene therapy.

Gene therapy is meant to replace or repair a missing or mutated gene or to make diseased cells more obvious to the immune system if it does not recognize them as damaged. A new gene can't just be inserted into a cell though, it is spread through the affected cells using a vector, which is something that can carry something into a cell. Sometimes the vector is stem cells, or liposomes (fatty particles) but most commonly the vector is a virus.

A disease causing virus reproduces by injecting its own genetic material into a living cell, which will later rupture and die, spreading more virus. A vector virus has been altered to inject the new repair gene instead of its own material. It changes the cell the way a regular virus does, but instead of killing the cell it makes it more effective.

This has been very effective, but there are three major concerns here:

Immune Response: your body might react to the viral vector the same way it would to a normal virus. You can't just explain to a person's immune system that viruses are bad but THIS virus is okay. This can cause the treatment to become toxic and in severe cases can cause organ failure as the patient's body rails against a threat that never meant it any harm.

Viral Spread: Viruses aren't always picky about what type of cells they infect, and a viral vector might end up infecting a bunch of cells that it wasn't mean to. If it starts trying to "repair" cells that were already healthy and damaging them, it can cause more problems than it started out to fix. Complications can include cancers forming as the newly damaged cells multiply. This is what we might be looking at with the zombies.

Reversion: It is possible that once the vector is introduced to the body, it may regain its original ability to cause disease. This is the other thing we might be looking at.

So picture this:

A clinical trial is introduced for a new gene therapy. It looks very promising and a large sample of people with the given disorder is used. Control and treatment groups are established and the trial begins.

At first all seems to be going well, and the treatment group shows a marked improvement over the control.

A number of patients in the treatment group begin to report side effects, mostly flu like symptoms, and an occasional increase in aggression, and there are some concerns that the vector has reverted. It appears to be stable, however, and in any case it seems to be nothing much serious.

Hell happens here: the entire treatment group starts getting horribly sick, and even more alarming, their families and friends are reporting symptoms now too.

The viral vector has mutated and begun spreading indiscriminately. It enters a period of wild mutation and rapid reproduction, evolving over only hours or days. It first becomes airborne during this period, and continues to spread very efficiently from all exposed individuals. There may be asymptomatic carriers, but there is no immunity: this is a novel virus, step one to a pandemic.

Five people in the treatment group turn up with very different symptoms than the others.
Four male, one female, and not one of them has the same thing. They seem to have nothing else in common, either, except that they had the problem and had the treatment.
These are the original special infected, and in each of them the rapid evolution of the original vector is affected strangely by some factor unique to them. The collective disease known as green flu is now actually comprised of no fewer than six different related viruses, one common and widespread, originating from the bulk of the treatment group, and five rare and originating with five individuals.

New mutations begin to die off and the virus slows its evolution, though several of the more unstable strains continue to change as they spread: the Charger and Jockey strains are offshoots of the Tank and the Spitter is a mutated, imperfect version of the Boomer. The virus at large enters a "stable" period. It now has at least eight widespread strains and many more isolated types that didn't spread as efficiently. (Regional or "uncommon" strains)

Attempts are made by CEDA to circulate a vaccine, but the disease is simply too unstable for this to be effective: it may protect against the original common strain but has less or no effect on anything else.

Also, despite previous speculation on my part that it started out as rabies, Green Flu may actually BE a flu. A normal flu already evolves very quickly, and a highly altered, partially reverted and much mutated flu might be able to produce the HYPERSPEED evolution we see with this virus.

(influezna viridis? That is NOT how viruses are named but it sounds cool)

Hunter but without the blindfold

I had a go at the eyes, but meh.

Also if her eyes look off its because of the infection. Yeah.
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