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Respect a Woman

Do you like female OCs? We sure do!

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Charger and Jockey info
jazaaboo wrote in respectawoman
Ok so here's some info on Charger and Jockey. As humans they form a team with Zarla's Hunter and Smoker. As Infected they probably show up now and then, though they're not as close as Hunter and Smoker are. ANYWAY!

Charger is a short, burly woman in her mid-30's. Her parents were zoologists and conservationists who traveled the world, and through them she learned to love nature. She was never insensitive to others, but she did not have many close friends growing up since she was constantly moving. She has spent most of her adult life aiding conservation efforts in any way she can; relocating problem animals, capturing specimens to be tagged and released, and helping camera crews find certain species to film. She even had to track down a few poachers in her day, and had to learn how to fire a gun to protect herself. She has been injured many times in her dangerous line of work, but her most obvious one is a large arrangement of toothmarks on her head. One night, a rookie on her team made a careless mistake, and the alligator they were studying attacked him. She rushed in to save him, and her head was bitten as a result. Her crew compared her to a protective elephant matriarch, and they playfully nicknamed her the "Mother Elephant" ever since. It was on these travels that she met David, a researcher. David was almost as tough as her, but still much more laid-back and more of an observer.

She and her husband ultimately decided to open up a zoo, so they could educate others about wildlife and sponsor breeding programs. The zoo was a huge success, but sadly it wasn't long before the animals started to mysteriously die off. The Infection had hit, and by the time it spread to the zoo's employees, it was too late. Charger and her husband appeared to be immune, but all the other humans in the facility appeared to be infected or dead. After a particularly nasty attack, David went missing. Charger continued to look for him, but refused to leave the zoo without him. After several days, she suspected he was dead, yet still refused to leave. After a week, she discovered his body. His neck appeared to be broken, but from what she could not tell. She realized she was now essentially alone. She mercifully shot the remaining animals in the zoo to end their suffering, and set off.

Charger came upon the other three survivors after saving them from a horde attack, and has since served as their leader. Not only does she teach them how to properly fire their guns, but she points out behavioral patterns of the Infected. She is serious most of the time, often choosing to ignore Hunter and Smoker's snide comments or Jockey's babbling. Her relationship with the others is like that of a stern schoolteacher who has to listen to her students' giggling while she tries to give an important lecture. She does not hate her team, but she's constantly annoyed at how none of them are taking their survival that seriously. Nevertheless she is quite protective of them and will go out of her way to help them.

As a zombie, her story is different. Instead of getting out of the zoo alive, she makes it to the front gates before she is simply overwhelmed and infected. As a Charger, most other thought processes are replaced with her protective instinct. The common Infected must be protected from the human threat at all costs, and she will simply try to destroy any horrible human than crosses her path.

Jockey was once a friendly, perky, happy girl who loved camping, singing, and horseback riding. After the zombie apocalypse she became... a friendly, perky, happy girl who loves the zombies. Unable to deal with the horrors of the Infection, Jockey's somewhat retreated into her own little world. She's not completely detached from reality, but she is a little "off." She has convinced herself that anyone outside of her line of sight is perfectly safe, and that everything will be ok once the group gets to the next safe room. She cheerfully greets the zombies when they arrive, and calls the Boss Infected by cutesy nicknames (ie "Ms. Spitter," "Boo," "Hunty," etc.). She often laughs when things get stressful, and tends to blurt out random thoughts she may be having. She's also prone to bursting into song for no apparent reason and responding to people with phrases only tangentially related to what they're saying. She can be reasoned with and she's capable of making sense, but like I said, she's just kind of off.

Jockey considers her fellow survivors to be her new best friends, and is always glad to help them out. She can't understand why Smoker doesn't like her very much. Whenever possible, she will go for the tough but impractical weapons like the chainsaw and the grenade launcher. She also likes using Boomer bile, because she thinks the horde attacking it looks like some kind of goofy zombie party.

Her story of getting infected is a sad one. She actually somehow made it to a safe room, but shortly after she closed the door, a recently-infected person showed up and demanded to be let inside. She wasn't sure what to do, as she was certain the guy would turn into a zombie and attack her at any moment, but didn't like the idea of leaving someone outside to die. Sensing this, the guy screamed and yelled that she was going to kill him by leaving him outside, that she was a murderer, and that she must be a terrible person to let someone die like that. She caved in and opened the door, but by then he had already changed and he attacked her, infecting her too.

As a Jockey, she's actually incredibly happy, often jumping on the backs of other zombies and bouncing around. Her mentality is kind of like a playful kitten, just doing things for the fun of it. She occasionally bugs the other zombies (Charger, Hunter, Smoker) for fun, but will quickly wander off to do something else. She keeps trying to get into safe rooms because some part of her brain remembers how she was safe in there.


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i love how spotless Jockey (brain wants to call her Jackie - reminds me of an old babysitter+FEMALE JOCKEY HURRHURR) keeps her pants, even in death.

they are both awesome! i like charger a lot. i'm glad to have read a writeup on them now since i was always kind of curious during zarla's posts.



Excellent write up! It managed to clear up a couple of my more off-base assumptions about these two. For some reason, I'd assumed that David had been dead for some time before the green flu epidemic, because of something unrelated to zombies. I also assumed that Jockey and Charger had known each other prior to the Survivor time line.

In any case, these two are made of awesome and win. Can't wait to see more of them!

Aw, I like them both a lot more knowing more about them. Jockey sounds adorable! And zombie!charger is particularly cute, protecting the other zombies. <3

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