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Respect a Woman

Do you like female OCs? We sure do!

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~FST Volume 2: How is this still going?
zarla wrote in respectawoman
AND THE SECOND PART the first part had the Preinfected, Postinfected, and Survivor songs, so this section has the Other/Multiple songs, as well as Jockey's one-liner songs.

If you don't want to read my rambling, scroll down to my spiffy album art for each section! There should be a download link below each one for that section.

Zombies AND survivor AND preinfected humans?

1. Sporty-o - Let me hit it (audiostalkers original mix)

may or may not do a version myself

2. Final Fantasy IX - Melodies of Life
Our paths, they did cross, though we did not know just why
We met, we laughed, we held on fast, and then we said goodbye.
And who'll hear the echoes of the stories never told?
Let them ring out loud 'till they unfold.

Did a big bunch of shots varying from preinfection to survivors to zombies here and here for this song. :B

3. Nonbiri-P - 1LDK
Luka - Drying off the inside-out denim
Meiko - Washing your long hair straight up
Luka - Sleeping in stockings on cold days
Meiko - Your sleep-talking is a little loud…

Both - Trivial things like that are what make us happy!

Luka - With a “chu” I kiss your sleeping face
Meiko - And I awaken then, our eyes meet
Luka - Stock still, as I watch you in the silence
Meiko - When our eyes close, it’s a sign

I still want to do a little video to this with Hunter and Smoker. :B Why it's here is that I can't decide where to set it. It COULD be preinfected, or at least start there, but I can also see it moving into when they're survivors as well, or even post-virus/cured and with Charger and Jockey. I DUNNO IT'S HARD TO DECIDE

4. David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj - Turn Me On
Make me come alive
Come on turn me on
Touch me, save my life
Come on and turn me on
I'm too young to die
Come on and turn me on
Turn me on

Did some flashy dancey gifs of the ladies in both their survivor and infected forms here to this. :B

5. Revolutionary Girl Utena - Rinbu Revolution
Let's go on living our lives heroically, with style. (Just a long long time)
And even if the two of us should be separated, (Let go of me)
Take my revolution.

I LOVE THIS SONG UGH I've been tempted to do a lady version of the opening that'd feature both their infected and uninfected forms but who knows if it'll ever come to pass. :B I did do a comic and animation for it though!

6. West Side Story - Somewhere
There's a place for us
A time and place for us
Hold my hand and we're halfway there
Hold my hand and I'll take you there

Hunter first saw Smoker cry to this song when they were getting to know each other in this fic/comic, but it also came back later in the not-immune stories when Hunter was dying. JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIE, YES

7. Sarah McLachlan - When She Loved Me
When somebody loved me,
Everything was beautiful
Every hour we spent together lives within my heart
And when she was sad,
I was there to dry her tears
And when she was happy,
So was I
When she loved me

HOW CAN I RESIST I did a super depressing series of pictures to this ending with Hunter infected. SO WE WERE TORN APART

8. machigerita-P - I have learned too much; I have gone mad
One day, in a clean white room
They bring me here, always
Clean corridors, many clean rooms
Every night, one person is removed

Now, it's time.

Beautiful flower in vivid red bloom
One flower garden room
A lovely sphere comes rolling down
Pochi eats so much
Tomorrow is my turn; I look forward to going
Tomorrow is my turn; I look forward to going

I... I... I...

The song's title (originally 博識であるが故、狂気) was mistranslated as "Wide knowledge of the late; madness" which now has taken hold like everywhere BUT IT IS A COMPLETE MISTRANSLATION AND ALMOST TOTAL NONSENSE so I'm using this title instead.
From what someone told me, the original title translates more to "I have gained extensive knowledge, and that's the reason that I have gone mad", so this seems pretty close. I'd like to make it a bit snappier but it's actually a hard concept to shorten down into a few words. Who would have thought. :o

ANYWAY I'm working on a project with this! You may be able to guess who it focuses on and what happens in it. But here's something from it anyway.

Zip of the Multiple songs - 25 Mb

Alternate Universes and Timelines and Crossovers ahoy!

1. Nena Kim Wilde - Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime
Sweep upon me like a wave
We are young and brave
Embrace the wind and float into
Another time and space

Gib' mir die Hand
Ich bau dir ein Schloß aus Sand
Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann.

If we belong to each other, we belong
Anyplace, anywhere, anytime

A general AU anthem to me. Even in another time and place, they always find each other. DESTINED TO BE TOGETHER, NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE

2. Owl City - Alligator Sky
Where was I when the rockets came to life
And carried you away into the alligator sky
Even though, I'll never know what's up ahead
I'm never lettin' go, I'm never lettin' go

The weird lyrics and such remind me of Jockey (what is with me and Jockey and Owl City fff) but mostly I picture her either post-virus or cured wondering what happened to Travis. Wandering around and talking to him, or something like that.

3. Freedom Call - Dimensions
Dimensions, Dimensions
Castaway eternally
Dimensions, Dimensions
Hear the call and follow us to heaven


4. EastNewSound - U.N. Owen was her? (1st Anniversary Remix)
Red red red red
Sweet sweet sweet sweet
A sweet tune. Me and you
You're sweet
So sweet!
So red!

I'll kill you!

This is sort of a weird one. It's actually more of a crossover than anything else. For some reason I always picture the four of them meeting up with Flandre somewhere (usually some weird dimension) and then a really epic and complicated battle ensuing with her trying to attack them and them trying to survive. I'm not sure who wins. :o But when she goes I'LL KILL YOU they scatter since it's pretty clear what's going on at that point, haha. I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT TOUHOU ASIDE FROM THE CHICK'S NAME IS FLANDRE AND SHE'S NUTS

5. NIYMORIY - I Wanna Go
Why does my life have to be so complicated? I know it's my fault.
Sometimes life is kind of a downer. Strawberry candy can't fix this.

I wanna go on

Now, I will just focus on the positive.

Just a sort of weird song with barely intelligible singing but a kind of inspirational message. I can picture curedJockey trying to keep her spirits up with this, or post-virus Jockey when everything's settled down and it's all over. GOTTA MOVE ON

6. DATEKEN - Ur-Style
ah non-style
ah yeah

So let us begin non-stop music
Our bodies sway naturally to this melody
Reaching my heart before my mind
All these sounds and lyrics

I have like a million covers of this song, haha. Anyway I had sort of light colored, airy images in my head to this but I haven't had much luck pinning them down though. It could be for them in a variety of situations though, preinfected to cured and the like, so I'll just toss this here for now.
It's hard to pinpoint what my favorite cover of this song is, I have so many. :B I'll include one done by three people and one that's been pitch-shifted, why not. I LIKE THEM BOTH i must not include all of them self, stop

8. Owl City - Hello Seattle (Remix)
Hello Seattle

This one is mostly instrumental though. :B Mostly I picture Jockey walking through broken down cities and stuff, then building up into a run. Sort of cured/post-virus is the feel I get, though it's not entirely clear. JUST SORT OF HOPEFUL

9. Toraboruta-P - kokoro
A robot made by a lonely scientist
The result could only be called
A miracle
But still lacking was
something that can't be made
That is called "heart"
A program

Sort of poked at the idea of a sort of Hunter/Smoker version of this, but could never quite decide who'd be the scientist or who'd be the robot. Either way could work. :o Did some doodles here.
For the heck of it, the version included is actually The Perfect Program remix and not the original. I DO WHAT I WANNTT

10. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
You've been hit by
You've been struck by
A smooth criminal

Goes to their gangster versions of course, and actually was what brought them back from a single picture, haha, since after I did this I got hit with inspiration. DO THE GANGSTER VERSIONS OWE THEIR LIFE TO MICHAEL JACKSON? PERHAPS

11. Weird Al Yankovich - This is the Life
They say that money corrupts you
But I can't really tell
I got the whole world at my feet
And I think it's pretty swell

I got women lined up outside my door
They've been waitin' there since the week before
Who could ask for more
This is the life

You're dead for a real long time
You just can't prevent it
So if money can't buy happiness
I guess I'll have to rent it

A sillier song for the gangster!AU, haha. I keep meaning to do a big group shot of them all together smugging it up in a booth all fancied up and such

12. Guys and Dolls - Luck Be a Lady
Let's keep this party polite
Never get out of my sight
Stick with me baby, I'm the guy that you came in with
Luck be a lady tonight

Goes with this shot of gangster!Smoker, haha.

13. Owl City - I'm Coming After You
I saw your face in a criminal sketch
Don't be alarmed 'cause you don't know me yet
I'm on the prowl now, sniffing around this town for you
Calling all cars, there's an officer down
Shot to the heart on the night on the town, and
The evidence of your fingerprints was found, and now

THIS ENDED UP AS A HUGE ACCIDENT I DIDN'T INTEND FOR THIS TO HAPPEN and here we are with YET ANOTHER owl city song on here aaaaa

But copSmoker chasing after thiefHunter and their many antics together. SUMS UP THE WHOLE RIDICULOUS THING goes to this picture.

14. Malcolm Brown - Black Rose/Green Sun

AGAIN I KNOW but I can't help it arrghh
This one for me brings to mind clear images of the Castlevania!AU for some reason. Jockey in her castle staring out as it starts raining, Hunter running through the woods with her pack of werewolf friends, Charger pulling her way out of the ground, Smoker tied to the stake and burning, ALL OF IT JUST SORT OF GOTHIC AND WEIRD

15. Otouto no Ane - Doku to Tsumi to Batsu

I'D HAVE LYRICS TO THIS BUT NO ONE HAS TRANSLATED IT which seems ridiculous to me, I looked around and no one seems to have any idea wtf. I found some hints in places saying it MIGHT be about Tourette's but really someone who can actually speak Japanese would have to translate this.

Anyway this ALSO brought to mind the Castlevania!AU in a scenario that'll probably play out in comic form soon enough, haha. Mostly the ladies minus Jockey hear about the vampire living in some abandoned castle a ways ago, and they go and investigate. They come into a big empty ballroom with Jockey sitting on a throne, delighted to see them, as she waltzes around the room and tells them about herself and weirds the heck out of all of them. Like in other AUs, she's still delusional about being a vampire and killing people, but near the end sort of realizes just what it is she's become and what she does. Eventually Charger decides they should probably keep an eye on her, if only to get her out of the villager's crosshairs since they really don't approve of a vampire hanging around their homes, haha.

16. mind.in.a.box - The Place
and whoever I was, it doesn't matter anymore I know,
all these memories hidden deep down below.
though somewhere on the way before, all those things got lost,
I know there will be new things wherever I may go.

so whatever it was, I don't care for it anymore I know,
no time for mourning 'cause there are new things to sow.
though I thought I knew who I was, it must have been someone else,
I don't care what I knew, but I know now it's time to go.

Quiet and introspective and maybe a bit melancholy, in spite of the kind of hopeful lyrics. This could work for them as survivors, but now mostly I see it working for them as curedZombies struggling with their lost memories, but trying to move forward anyway.

17. The National - Exile Vilify
Have you given up?
Does it feel like a trial?
Does it trouble your mind the way, you trouble mine.
Does it feel like a trial?
Now, you're thinkin' too fast you're like, marbles on glass.

This one Jaz showed me, haha. Mostly them post-virus when the Green Flu has been wiped out and it's all over, and they're struggling to rebuild their lives and figure out what to do with themselves, and how to deal with all the issues they've put off until this point. Jockey in particular.

18. scop - Irony
I'm a little tired of walking,
I'm a little tired of walking
Forgive the trite expression,
But I'm tired on life's long road

It seems like things are going well,
But in the end, they never really are,
So in my carelessness, I'm brought to tears;
It's shameful, it's true...

While looking for a place to cry,
I'd already gotten tired of crying...

I'm worn out, I've turned timid,
And running away would be futile...
So I block up my ears;
"This is awful," I cry...

What is life, anyway?
Not even knowing, I just keep living
But can I call that happiness?
I don't know anymore... Stupid!

ARGH I LOVE THIS SONG but anyway this one is strongly with the cured!AU for me, and particularly Mousey, although it can spread out a bit more to the others as well. A lot of it reminds me of Mousey, but in particular the line "While looking for a place to cry, I'd already gotten tired of crying" reminded me of Charger putting her feelings to one side for so long to take care of her teammates that when she has the chance... she doesn't know how anymore. Stuff like that. :B I actually drew something for that, but I need to scan it first, haha. But it can reflect a lot of their issues as cured in general really.
I linked to the original vid with subs, but the actual version in here is done by KK whose voice I love.

19. Hem - Half Acre
I am holding half an acre
torn from the map of Michigan
and folded in this scrap of paper
is a land I grew in

Think of every town you've lived in
every room you lay your head
and what is it that you remember?

Do you carry every sadness with you
every hour your heart was broken
every night the fear and darkness
lay down with you

Another cured!AU song. Quiet and sad and sort of wistful, thinking about the memories they've lost and where to go from here. I had a series of images in my head, mostly blue before dawn of them staring out into the sky, thinking about their lives now and what they can remember from their old ones, the scraps and pieces they might have salvaged from worlds that don't exist anymore, and what that makes them now. MAYBE SOMEDAY I WILL DRAW IT

20. mind.in.a.box - Amnesia
I leave this place to find familiar ground, but the whole world seems to have been rearranged.
Now, my former self is nowhere to be found, and I know that it's myself that's changed.

I feel like I have amnesia, but I know it's myself I've lost.
I wonder what's happened so far and what might have been the cost.
I'm not sure I want to know any of the things I've done.
I don't know yet where to go, but I'll accept my past is gone.

MORE MIND IN A BOX and more curedAU, haha. Mostly again trying to struggle on without their memories and figure out who they are now. This one also hints at potential guilt or regret they may have over killing people as zombies, even if they can't remember it. Is it better that they can't remember doing that in the long run?

Zip of the Other songs! - 123 MB

And songs that Jockey just sang in general, or popped up once or twice.

Aurora - The Day It Rained Forever
Massive Attack - Protection
Graham Gouldman - We've Made It To The Top
Lazytown - Wake Up
The Princess and the Goblin - A Spark Inside Us
Cibo Matto - Clouds
Toy Box - Best Friend
Singin' in the Rain (I actually don't have the file for this! Sorry, haha)
Enya - On My Way Home
Simon and Garfunkel - Homeward Bound
Queensryche - Silent Lucidity (For when Smoker wasn't immune)
GrayLightning, Pixietricks, Sephfire - Journey's End
Lord of the Rings - Into the West
Future Breeze - Heaven Above (when Hunter wasn't immune)
Nicki French - I'll Be Waiting
They're Coming To Take Me Away
Da Buzz - Paradise
Madonna - I'll Remember (most of these showed up when Jockey wasn't immune)
Paul Williams - Flying Dreams (originally for Davidzombie, but I switched for I Will Be With You instead)
Lichtenfels ft. Phil Und Inusa - Kill the Silence (goes to this)

As a side note, I have notes for Love is War and World's End Dancehall, but I can't specifically think of why or what I had planned for them, so they didn't make it on here. OH WELL.

Zip of Jockey's Oneliners - 53 MB

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I'm leaving creepy silent watcherhood to say thank you for sharing! I've been a longtime fan of these characters, and now I've had some of the songs on this FST stuck in my head for the past few days. Especially the Owl City ones... "Woo woo woo~! I'm comin' after you~" :3

And so, here's some music in return! There is this song that always reminds me of Jockey as a survivor, especially having one of her manic episodes... "Rolling Girl" by wowaka.

goodness zar now your letting us in on your music gotta tone down on the frebees or were gonna want more.


Haha awesome, I'm glad people are enjoying it! :D Haha I'M COMIN AFTER YOU IS SO CUTE AND HAPPY

Oh dang I see what you mean :O

Zar a small voice in the back of my head wants to ask an important question that i think you can answer. since hunter jumps around practically every tall building she can find and smoker smokes like she had a cig when she was born answer this.
1.how many times has hunter got away with trespassing
2.how many times has smoker got away with smoking in a cigarette free building

Haha I think Hunter's gotten away with it a few times, and got caught a few times for it too. She's more likely to get away with it though I think.

Smoker I think actually does try to smoke in approved areas and not smoke where people tell her not to, so if she smoked in a cigarette free building it'd probably be because she just didn't know, and afterwards she'd try not to do it or take breaks so she could smoke outside. SHE IS NOT QUITE AS MUCH A RUFFIAN AS HUNTER I SUPPOSE

Ooooh yeah, I can see what you mean. :O

hope i don't bother you to much zar i mean you've heard from me a lot in the past couple weeks... just wondering if you still have a cola addiction. i know that i love me some 7-up but people have to lay off darker colas rough on their kidneys

Haha yeah I guess, I still drink a lot of soda. :o

I have a song! I listened to this one again and it made me think of them. Maybe some kind of mix of pre-infection and post-infection? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrUrv7CBbN4

Ooooh yeah I see what you mean, haha. What a weird video. :O

Haha. Yeah, pretty much. Dandy song, incredibly weird video!

zar I cannot believe it you have infected me with the ability to randomly obtain coca cola my friend just came out of the blue and handed me one

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